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Yellow there! I‘m Lauren, and I grew up in West Virginia, but now I get to call Ohio my home (as I always have). I always dreamt of working for Disney/Pixar up until college, and although I never stopped dreaming, once you're in college you learn more about yourself and about which skills are stronger - and plans change! I am a Designer with a passion for branding & identity and just about any other print design, with additional experience in social media management, a little bit of web, and email marketing. I love what I do. I want to consistently be challenged, learn more, get better, and have fun along the way! Art is a huge part of me, and it's all that I have known since I was a little 4-year-old tike beginning to draw little Elvis pictures for my Grandpa. I have been entrusted with abilities and I don‘t know where they will take me but I'm only excited, because God has already planned it.

My passion is helping businesses, organizations and churches see the importance of their appearance – not in a superficial way, but in a "our culture is more visual than ever" way. The first thing a person sees is your face, and each person will make some sort of split second mental note or judgement the moment they meet you, whether they mean to or not - that‘s just how we work as visual people! The same goes for a company, when someone drives by or walks up to your business they will instantly make a split second judgement based on the quality of your logo, signage, etc. The mindset of “Eh, what does it really matter whether we put effort into how we look? Our product and people will do the selling!" False. Your reputation and the pr ofessionalism you portray, gets them in the door. The ‍‍‍quality of your brand reflects the quality of your product. What are you selling?

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